First Year Interns Applying for Second Year Intern or Staff ( Commissioned / Associate)

Virtual Req #9
Wednesday, August 9, 2023

We are excited that you want to continue with Power to Change and invest your life in helping people know Jesus and experience His power to Change the world!

This application should be filled out if you are currently an intern and applying for Commissioned Staff (permanent, full-time), Associate Staff (permanent, part-time) or Second-Year Internship (8-12 months) and will be raising up a team of financial and prayer ministry partners.

About the Application:

1) The application has to be completed in one sitting. It will take about 25 minutes to complete the application.

2) References are requested in this application. We ask for a team leader, peer/teammate and disciple reference. If you are serving overseas in a sensitive/closed country, then please give 2 teammate references instead of a disciple reference. The references should not be immediate family members.


1) As a missions organization, Power to Change staff members are viewed as spiritual leaders. Staff members also develop a team of ministry partners to financially and prayerfully support the ministry. Due to the demands of raising funds and being in the front lines of ministry, we take into consideration an applicant’s financial responsibilities and emotional and mental resiliency to face the demands of ministry. Some of the application questions are sensitive and your responses will be treated with special confidence. If you have any questions about the application questions or processes, please email

2) Those who may work with minors and vulnerable people are required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Search. Those accepted to Power to Change will be required to undergo these checks prior to reporting to their assignment/position.

 If you already have a VSS, it is valid for 3 years and can be applied to your next assignment/position, but must be renewed upon expiring. 

New Staff Training:
If you have not attended any New Staff Orientaion prior, you will need to attend the training closest to the date of your application acceptance. The HR representative processing your application will advise you of the next training dates. 

The mission of Power to Change is to further the movements of Christian evangelism and discipleship. All Power to Change staff members and volunteers work collectively to further this overall religious mission. The successful candidate for this position must have a pre-existing belief and demonstration of lifestyle as outlined in the Power to Change Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith. The successful candidate must agree to, sign and, in all good conscience abide by the biblical principles outlined by these documents. It is a pre-requisite of employment at Power to Change that any and all staff members and volunteers sign and abide by these documents throughout their course of involvement at Power to Change. For a copy of the Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith, please contact Human Resources.